2008 911MYWEB History
Launching 911MYWEB
911MYWEB Ecommerce Website development

About us? After five years of experience in the IT industry working for companies such as Compaq, Gateway, and running IT Businesses such as Bnetcom and 911FIX the chairman Juan Anidos decide is time to take advantage of the .com boom within the same year Google releases the Chrome Web browser HTML5 is introduced Apple launched his App store with 522 apps a great adventure of development and challenges making a new era for Web development.

2009 911MYWEB History
War of Browsers
911MYWEB Ecommerce Website development


Microsoft launches Bing Search engine Virals Videos move visitors to high traffic platforms such as Youtube request for video embedding and media production embrace the challenges to adapt Videos to Web sites.

2010 911MYWEB History
Social Photo Shearing
911MYWEB Ecommerce Website development

Social photo shearing sites become popular like Pinterest and Instragram are launched and Our Website adapt to embed Images from social media into Business and Personal Websites. 

2011 911MYWEB History
Online Business Profile
911MYWEB Ecommerce Website development

Google+ Launches, Microsoft Buy Skype, and 911MYWEB offer to their client’s Services to configure their business into the online world and also implementing Skype for business to with the need of Free international calling from their website helping hundreds of Businesses improve communication, saving time and money but also opening a significant opportunity for international trading business and show to many of clients About us when comes to Web services.

2012 911MYWEB History
E-Commerce Boom
911MYWEB Ecommerce Website development


E-commerce sales top one trillion dollars in sales Worldwide many business start inquiring about online store price for ecommerce  and platform such as joomla zencart, magento  911MYWEB start developing e-commerce solutions for many business Loacl in florida and international aqiring great experiance form the software industry and form the clients demand.

2013 911MYWEB History
Mobile Navegation
911MYWEB Ecommerce Website development


Apples App store hits a records of 40 Billions download many users face chalanges visitng website with lack of compatible mobile version increasing demand of work with only few clients understanding the required development for Desktop and mobile version demands. Big chalange with great experiance in Development. 

2014 911MYWEB History
Responsive and Adaptive
911MYWEB Ecommerce Website development

A new era for Web development starts responsive and adaptive development start been implemented on website a era for transitioning many business to be friendly for any device Smartphone tablets and TV  once again a challenge to show our clients About Us in the Web industry

2015 911MYWEB History
Animation and Scrolling
911MYWEB Ecommerce Website development


Designers and Developers worldwide start working with Loader animation 3D product animation and smooth page scrolling, giving us the learning challenge of adapting to the current technology and client demand.

2016 911MYWEB History
Motoin UI
911MYWEB Ecommerce Website development


Responsive will no longer be limited to mobile, and full-screen navigation design start to be offered; we were required to learn and implement themes design and development with futures such as call to action and more marking step ahead on Web development.

2017 911MYWEB History
Artificial Intelligence
911MYWEB Ecommerce Website development


Google and Wikipedia successfully start using the technology. Within a short time, Web developers start building Apps and themes with a rich feature that allows easy editing of color and content from a web browser requiring no developer skills to build a website with intelligent features. This helped 911MYWEB develop websites faster and more friendly for clients who need to create or maintain their websites.

2018 911MYWEB History
Single-Page Websites
911MYWEB Ecommerce Website development


Implementing single-page websites and Static websites with more animated navigations options has become famous for many businesses requiring only an essential online presence on the web without the high cost and The time needed for web development.  911MYWEB begins to offer this excellent option for many companies, reducing their cost of developing and improving their online presence.

2019 911MYWEB History
Progressive Web App
911MYWEB Ecommerce Website development


Implementing a Technique that applies modern web applications to load like a regular website with a rich level of functionality was able to load instantly regardless of the network and state of the browser because they are built with progressive enhancement strategy that helped 911 MYWEB to a client looking to have more functional Website for their clients.

2020 911MYWEB History
911MYWEB Covid


With the pandemic crisis many workers worldwide was forced to work from home the use for internet increases drastically Online order skyrocket and small business was forced to start the era of Digital business requiring many of  regular store to build their first E-Commerce  and Service providers such as Attorneys, Dr's consultants begging to offer their service online via zoom and suddenly requiring 911MYWEB to set up their online processing feature of service and E-Commerce rapidly for many business.

2021 911MYWEB History
Returning to a New Normal
911MYWEB Ecommerce Website development


With many adapting to a New normal after vaccination many businesses looking forward to a more robust presence in the online world using multiple platforms for their business to expand challenges continue as the Web is looking his way to improve for small business owners.