Trademark is an important part of every business is one of the essential assets a business has
Many businesses don’t realize how important it is to perform registration of their Brands; in fact, many businesses think state corporation registrations is the same as a Business trademark

to better explain, we need to overview the most popular mistakes business owners make when it comes to Trademark, and for this, we explain the mistakes and follow what is required to Trademark your business

Top Five mistakes Business owners make when thinking about Trademark.

  1. Thinking the State Corporation Registrations WIll protect their brand is one of the worth mistakes a business owner can make.
  2. Copyright Act. is protecting their brand Copyright only protects Musician Artist and only the right of Author no the usage of Brand.
  3. No need it ( Many Business owners think is not need it until they find out somebody else’s is doing business with the same name, logo, or brand)
  4. Don’t know what Trademark is ( Not knowing what a trademark is like not knowing how to do business is essential in the US to have a Trademark registration.
  5. Expensive ( Doing registration for a trademark is not expensive when compared with Attorneys’ fees on litigation about Trademark infringement.

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What Is a Trademark?

A trademark is a type of intellectual property consisting of a recognizable sign, design, or expression which identifies products or services of a particular source from those of others, although trademarks used to identify services are usually called service marks. ( In SHort, terms is the Name you create for your business and most be something original unique and should not describe what your business do like the Logo name domain)
i.e., You can not register for Best Shirt if your business makes or sell Tshirts Shirt is something of public domain

What you can register is FishSplash, and your business sells T-shirts. There is no relation in words; however, you need to do a Trademark search or Hire an Attorney to get the best accuracy for registration to confirm registration.

What can I Trademark?

You can register the following

a) The name of Your Business

b) The Slogan of your Business

c) Word used for marketing propose to Describe Product or Service.

d) THe Domain Name of your Business

e) The Logo of your Business

f) Colors used by your business

How Can I trademark my business?

Even the internet is full of tutorials on how to register your brand, and it is always recommended to consult an attorney doing by your own you expose to the risk of rejection, losing about a year of your business time, and countless expenses if you have to change the name no counting if you registered. Something that goes wrong years later can cost you 100 times more than registration with a legal counsel.

To get the best result and peace of mind is always advised to consult an attorney who specializes in Trademark get consultations always with more them one and make your best decision with the wisest attorney do not make the decision based on the cost of the service you need not only the registration but also the Attorney advice in how to use your brand and also it is possible to .register

Dear Visitor, use this information as basic education for Trademark your Business assets; we are not an Attorney, and this information should be only considered as educational for more precise information we always advise consult a Legal counsel or Visit USPTO,gov for more information as every business may require a different process of registrations.

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