Mobile/Tablet-Friendly Parallax Effect: Parallax.js

Parallax.js is a lightweight solution for creating parallax effects. Besides mouse/cursor support, it works on mobile and tablet (where gyroscope or motion detection hardware is available) too. It comes with multiple options for customizing the effect where they can be set inline using “data attributes” or in JavaScript. The library can work standalone or as

Fira Sans: New Free Font Family From Mozilla

Fira Sans is a new free font family that was originally designed as a typeface for the Mozilla OS. Fira Sans free font family comprises of 16 weights in 2 styles, that is Roman and Italic as well as more than 2600 glyphs. Get it from here.

Top 7 Tips for Building a Successful Website

If you want to have a professional and effective website that ranks well, you have to make sure to invest in the following things: • Domain name: Keep it short and easy to remember. • VPS or dedicated hosting: This ensures good performance of your website. • SSL certificate: This

The Team Needed to Develop a Website

To develop a successful website, you need a team of professionals by your side. Here’s what to look for when creating your web development team: • Web designer -This is the person who will determine the structure, layout, colors and images of your website while preserving your corporate identity or

Custom website vs Website builder

Web development is very different from creating a website using a website builder, and in this blog, I will describe exactly what this difference is along with the advantages and disadvantages of each process. Let me start with website builders, which are web applications intended for small businesses to allow
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